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Those who dream of a profession are lawyers in the first place. Most young people want to choose the profession of attorney as it is thought to be a prestigious profession. It is a priority to find the answer to the question is What is attorney? Attorneys at law are persons who have legal education. Their mission is to defend individuals or institutions for justice. The persons who have acquired a profession as a lawyer provide guidance to the individuals and institutions in need of the law. Lawyers can work freely. If they wish, they can also perform their professions depending on an institution.

Law is an inclusive concept. It is tough for one to specialize in all areas of law. Lawyers, therefore, specialize in certain areas of law. According to the subject of specialization, the lawyers assist and guide the applicants. The profession of law requires the control of the law. The lawyers first evaluate the case in accordance with the law. Then he takes the case. The person he will defend is called a client in the legal language. Represents the client in lawsuits. Conducts the proceedings of the client related to the case. Represents the plaintiff or the defendant before the judiciary and ensures that he/she gets the right. In some countries, the lawyer must be a member of professional organizations in order to perform his / her profession.

What are the duties of the lawyer?

People may sometimes have disagreements in relationships with each other or with the state. In such a case, lawyers who have knowledge and experience in law are consulted. Lawyers can provide legal advice to their clients. By taking his power of attorney, he can also represent the person on the subject of the dispute.

The duties of the lawyer who defend his client in the courts and follow the necessary work and procedures include:

  • The lawyer learns and examines the subject matter without accepting the client’s case. Accepts the responsibility of the case if it considers it to be useful as a result of the examination.
  • Examines the previous decisions, laws, and decisions of the high courts in the preparation stage.
  • Conducts extensive and detailed research in order to give the rights of the case and the rights of the client. Analyzes the ways to get the case through analysis.
  • Different causes can be brought to the courts against the client. He represents his client in all cases.
  • Brings witnesses to the court president and the delegation before the court. By asking questions to witnesses or witnesses, the decision is in favor of his client.
  • Prepares defense texts for his client and makes explanatory speeches before the court for defense purposes.
  • Execution proceedings are also among the duties of lawyers.
  • Changes are sometimes made to the law. Lawyers follow new laws, regulations, and regulations. Updates information by following innovations.

Attorneys at Law

Not everyone can do every job. In order to perform professions, one’s character and characteristics must be appropriate. If the person does not have those features, the individual cannot perform that profession throughout his / her life even if the section required by the profession is read. His talents and characteristics will be forced when he does the job without coincidence. Forced professions do not help the society. In order for a person to become a lawyer, first of all, it is necessary to have higher than normal verbal and academic intelligence. Anyone who does not have superior verbal intelligence cannot be able to read, learn and apply such laws. Outside intelligence,

The attorney should have features;

  • There must be the power to make connections and relationships between the events and events that occur.
  • There should be a curiosity to investigate all kinds of events in detail. He must persuade him to access information that may satisfy his curiosity.
  • Have the ability to listen and understand others.
  • Be fluent in grammar.
  • Memorizing skills should be very good. You will need the ability to memorize the constitution and its articles from point to comma.
  • Communicate quickly and accurately with people.
  • A sense of responsibility must be developed.

How much do lawyers earn?

what is attorney,what is lawyer, how do become a lawyer,duties of lawyer, attorneys at law, how much do lawyers earn,attorney profession,

Economic conditions are effective in the selection of occupations by young people. It is often possible to hear the question of how much a lawyer earns from high school students who are in search of a profession. How much lawyers earn depends on how you work. The financial gain of the lawyers by opening their own offices is quite good. It is a satisfactory amount. High income convinces people. But it is necessary to know that the work patterns are difficult and tiring.

The amount received by a lawyer in a public institution and a lawyer in a private institution is different. The amount received by those working in private institutions will also vary. A lawyer receives between 5 and 15 times the minimum wage. There are also lawyers who earn more than 15 times. The price that lawyers will receive for the file varies according to their skill and ability in the profession. Since the lawyers who have been heard and the cases are often more demanding, the fees they receive are also high.

How to become a lawyer?

In order to become a lawyer, you must have graduated from one of the law faculties at various universities. In order to study in the Faculty of Law, the university entrance exam must first be taken. The students who have passed the exam will be educated in law school for 4 years. The basic training period for being a lawyer is 4 years, followed by a 1 year internship period. Among the courses taken in law school are;

  • Law of Obligations
  • Civil law
  • Economics
  • Constitutional law
  • Administrative law
  • Criminal law
  • Public Law of the States
  • Financial Law
  • Commercial law
  • Sociology
  • History of Public Law
  • Methodology of Law
  • Labor Law and Social Security
  • Environmental Protection Law
  • State Private Law
  • Execution and Bankruptcy Law
  • Forensic Medicine
  • Military Criminal Law

Advancement in Attorney Profession

Those who successfully complete the law faculty and internship can do master or doctorate at the university if they wish. Lawyers who submit their master’s and doctoral dissertations can work as lecturers in their field of law. After graduating from the faculty, they can be judges, prosecutors, legal advisers or notaries. Of course, each field has its own examination and stages. Those who want to be more successful in the field of Lawyers can train themselves in a field, can specialize.